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1. When dealing with change (or any new situation), my anxiety level is:

2. I feel safe:

3. It’s easy for me to feel happy & enjoy life:

4. When it comes to cleanliness:

5. When something goes wrong:

6. My level of confidence:

7. I manage my time:

8. I feel connected to the source of truth:

9. At this time, the grief and sadness I feel is:

10. How often do I feel gratitude?

11. My thoughts & feelings include self criticism, negativity and/or depression:

12. The phrase, 'Life is Hard':

13. How much guilt am I currently carrying around?

14. How are addictions affecting my life?

15. I feel peaceful (and free of stress):

16. How is past trauma affecting my life now?

17. When I hear a criticism:

18. How often do I experience anger?

19. I have trouble remembering:

20. How do past failures in my life affect me?

21. What do I deserve?

22. With all the tasks & projects I am expected to do currently,

23. On a daily basis, I feel fearful:

24. My life is best described as:

25. How often do I worry?

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