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1. I keep the promises I make to others:

2. In my current relationships, I feel:

3. My ability to influence others for good is:

4. When I am alone:

5. My ability to verbalize what I am thinking and feeling in a conversation is:

6. In general, I am dependent upon others to fulfill my needs:

7. I feel loved and appreciated:

8. When it comes to pride, others generally think that:

9. How I interact with my family members:

10. When having a conversation with someone:

11. I judge others:

12. I feel like I belong:.

13. I love myself:

14. When a group decision is to be made:

15. How I handle disagreements:

16. I get offended:

17. I can easily forgive:

18. When someone completes a job I have asked him/her to do:

19. In my current intimate relationship:

20. I blame others:

21. Expressing Gratitude to Others:

22. Honesty in My Relationships:

23. Respect for Others

24. Trusting Others:

25. I feel lovable:

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