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1. My current income stream is:

2. My attitude towards money can best be described as:

3. I keep my financial commitments:

4. When someone pays me for a job:

5. Earning money is:

6. Becoming wealthy:

7. My savings and assets:

8. The amount of debt I have currently is:

9. I am ________ with my current financial situation:

10. Budgeting is:

11. I generally have:

12. I am currently living in:

13. I deserve to have:

14. I depend on others for:

15. Investing typically brings me:

16. I am in control of my financial situation:

17. The quality of the work I perform is:

18. The money exchange I have with others is:

19. How easy is it for me to be successful?

20. What is my current credit score?

21. What is the next level up from what I am currently earning?

22. If and when lots of money is received,

23. How organized am I when it comes to managing the flow of money and money generating activities?

24. Am I good enough to have lots of money and be successful?

25. How is my self worth tied to the amount of money I make?

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